‘We are very delighted to recommend the work of Paul Gale-Baker. He is an outstanding teacher and facilitator of the Voice Dialogue process. He also has a deep understanding of the Psychology of Selves and the application of these principles to relationship. He is what we call a deep teacher and your work with him will be valuable as well as fun.’ Hal Stone, PhD and Sidra Stone, PhD. – creators of Voice Dialogue.

About Voice Dialogue

Cambodian temple frieze Angkor WatVoice Dialogue is a powerful personal growth and self-transformation method. It allows clients to form a relationship with parts of themselves in order to integrate aspects of the personality. Voice Dialogue enables us to integrate the individual parts of our psyche, allowing us to change unhelpful patterns and adopt new and creative approaches to life and relationship.

Hal and Sidra Stone creators of Voice Dialogue
Hal and Sidra Stone, Advanced Voice Dialogue Training, Melbourne 2002

The core of Voice Dialogue work is the experience of meeting parts of ourselves in a structured way. Unlike role-playing, the experience of different selves in Voice Dialogue is a real one.

People are frequently surprised meeting these parts, since selves have clear identities – feelings, attitudes and thoughts – very different from those of our everyday personalities.

While the idea of a many-sided personality can be challenging, research in neuroscience is providing growing evidence of the way in which our brains are structured so that different ‘compartments’ – neural pathways – handle different areas of our life.

Paul and Robin Gale-Baker, organisers, with the Stones, Voice Dialogue training Melbourne, 2002
Paul and Robin Gale-Baker, organisers, with the Stones, Melbourne, 2002

Through Voice Dialogue our selves become more distinct. We are able to identify which parts direct us to behave in particular ways. We are able to relate to these parts rather than being driven by them.

By gaining access to parts of us not previously available, we can discover greater potential. This can be especially valuable in developing a specific area of life and creativity. Artists, including actors, singers, musicians and visual artists can use Voice Dialogue to take their art into new areas. Business people can bring greater flexibility, creativity and ability to manage relationships in the workplace.

Voice Dialogue has been developed by Drs Hal and Sidra Stone since 1972. They have been active teachers of the method since that time. You can read more about these two extraordinary people at their Delos website.

Paul is a signatory to the International Voice Dialogue Agreement (IVDA)